So much for that

My post-Twitter experiment has ended. Threads defaults to “for you” which, steered by the algorithm based on my idle and ill-considered reactions, defaulted to people confiding awful things that have happened to them in their neuroatypical lives with their chronic illnesses, which appear to define them. My feed of people I’m deliberately following, on the other hand, is mostly snark, and I keep running into people who think it’s okay to blame entire generational cohorts for the flaws of late-stage capitalism.

BlueSky has various people sharing outrage, way too many screenshots of awful things from Twitter, and a handful of prolific posters.

I made sure I deleted all my posts, shares, replies, and likes on both of the platforms and will delete my apps and links.

Mastodon, for me, does the job I want. I can keep up with news, plus follow all my favorite scientists and fountain pen users, plus I have a few quirky people I seem to have struck up an amiable conversation with. And Reddit for the handful of subreddits I follow. But I have deleted my Reddit presence, too, now that AI is harvesting it.

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