Cover Designs!

Things seem to be working out. I got an awesome designer who has worked up cover concepts for the series, and they are excellent. The hard part was picking one concept.

I wish to recommend to you Jess Johnson at for your professional needs.

Meanwhile, the publisher told me that they were working on a rights reversion letter, so at least there’s that.

By the time I get the rights to the first two novels back, I very much suspect that the third novel will be finished. I hope it doesn’t take that long. But I’ve formatted the manuscripts for digital publishing and they are ready to go.

The only thing is, I noticed two typos in the second novel and I didn’t mark them when I saw them so I may have to re-read the whole thing to find them again.

2 thoughts on “Cover Designs!

  1. Kathleen W. Pierce says:

    Are you writing the Never Mind?!? Finally?!? You are one of my favorite authors and I’ve waited for years in hopes that someday you’d write more. My husband and I just love your books. I’m especially fond of Malka, being a sometime martial artist and being unfortunately possessed of a prickly irritability at times. I hope all is well with you…considering the circumstances.

    1. DMT says:

      Oh, how lovely of you to say that! What kind of martial arts do you practice? I wrote Of Swords and Spells when I was learning how to fence sabre, and while “prickly irritability” was the only possible response to all the life things I was practicing.

      I’m well, thanks, and enjoying my social isolation more than I should. How are you weathering things?

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